Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As I sit here with the knowledge that my mom is going to pass away soon, which could be any time now. It forces me to look back on this year and all it has meant to me. I can say even though my mom is down to just about her last breathe that my life this year has been blessed beyond measure's. Things like this cause us to look back and take inventory of our lives.... I am grateful for a God who has saved me! I am grateful for where I am in my relationship with my husband, for my family that keeps growing. You see God has blessed me with one grand baby and now next year I will have a total of four. YES, um my kids have been busy...LOL. All in all I am thankful for a mom who has shown and taught me so much that has made me the person I am today. So with that I say Thank You Mom! I love you. And I wish my family and friends that God has put on my path of life a very Happy New Year. May you all be Blessed.

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