Sunday, February 10, 2013

You ravish my heart

3rd picture of pursuing portraits…. the background was done with layers and layers of art tissue, tape, and pages from an old bible, paint and then more paint and then a wash with white paint.

face #2

feeling a little more comfortable in that i now have the required tools to draw and shade with. i still need to work on my blending but it's coming along and i really do enjoy being able to go at my own pace and be in the comfort of my home. thank you

My first face.

Didn't quite have the right tools but couldn't wait to get started.

Pursuing Portraits by Pam Carriker

I'm so excited….. It's here my DVD by Pam Carriker - Pursuing Portraits. Painting faces is a challenge and learning the right technique's are important to me. This DVD has been recommended by my friend Carrie Todd, so i'm very excited to get started.