Saturday, May 3, 2008

I finally got it.

To blog or not to blog.  As I ponder that thought, I came across Artful Blogging in my Somerset Studio Magazine.  I thought Artful Blogging, is there such a thing as an art to blogging. Well, I bought my first issue of Artful Blogging. Wow! What a great magazine, it totally drew me in, I was so compelled in reading it, I found myself staying up & reading it till late at night.  Which for me anything pass 10:00pm is late, considering I get up at 5:20am. Ok, so I don't consider my stuff below, blog writing, just little inserts of what my stuff is. So...... I'm going to give it a try (as scary as it is) since I'm so intrigued by reading what other people have written. I almost feel like I'm invading their privacey, but hay they wrote it, and I can't help but read it. It truly is an art in being able to express yourself like that. It's like when I went to the Laguna Garden Tour with my friend Susan, I'd watch people go by & actually look into peoples windows, I mean really look. I thought that's terrible.  Hmmmmm, as I was walking by I thought do I look or not? Heck yeah! I looked, I had too. I wanted to know what color was their walls? How did they decorate? Ok, so I admit it, I'm just as nosey. I looked! Oh well, I  had to see if it met my approval, which it did. We had a wonderful day, the sun was out, not too hot, just right.  What a perfect day as you can see below.

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